PQRS for Occupational Therapy

PQRS for occupational therapyPT DocTools takes the work out of PQRS reporting

From July 1, 2013 onward, Medicare requires PQRS Measure G-code reporting on claims.  Simply select Measures and the G-codes reflecting the patient's status.

PT DocTools automatically reports the G-codes in the treatment record

PT DocTools reminds you when a patient is PQRS eligible

PT DocTools tracks PQRS g-codes reported by your clinic, creating an accurate self-audit

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PQRS Measures for Occupational Therapy

  •   126  Diabetic Foot Peripheral Neuropath
  •   127  Diabetic Ulcer Prevention - Eval of Footwear
  •   128  Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-up
  •   130  Current Medications
  •   131  Pain Assessment at Initiation of Therapy and Follow-up
  •   134  Screening for Clinical Depression
  •   154  Falls Risk Assessment
  •   155  Falls Plan of Care
  •   173  Unhealthy Alcohol Use
  •   181  Elderly Maltreatment Screening
  •   182  Functional Outcome Assessment
  •   226  Tobacco Use