Writing Evaluations in an EMR

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FRom Initial Evals to discharge reports.  No templates to create.  Complete therapy documentation requirements.  Avoid claim denials, use defensible documentation

Here are your EMR tools

EMR Documents and Reports


Clinical EMR Reports

      Daily Visit Notes
      Flow Sheets

      Discharge Reports
      Missed Visit Reports
      CMS 1500 forms

      Why do I need an EMR?

Functional Outcome Assessment Tools

  • ROM Inclinometry Charts for
  •      Cervical
  •      Thoracic
  •      Lumbar
  • Functional Outcome Measures
  • Dizziness Handicap Survey
  • Motion Sensitivity Quotient
  • Tinetti Fall Risk Assessment
  • Headache Questionnaire
  • Dynamic Gait Index
  • Neck Disability Index
  • UE Functional Scale
  • LE Functional Scale
  • Work Hardening Assessment
  • McGill Pain Questionnaire
  • ......and many more   


PQRS measures

Functional Limitation G-code documentation

  PQRS for PT   PQRS for OT


It's all here....waiting for you.  Prompts, drop downs, and point and click selections.  Transfer data from evals to visit notes to re-evals.  Include functional tests in your therapy EMR.  Select PQRS and Functional Limitations Measures