PQRS for Chiropractic Offices

PT DocTools takes the guesswork out of compliance

Medicare requirement for reporting Chiropractic PQRS Measures became effective July 1, 2013.  The following PQRS measures need to be reported on every Medicare visit when using treatment codes 98940, 98941, and 98942

  • Measure 131 Pain Assessment and Follow-up
  • Measure 182 Functional Outcome Assessment
  • Measure 317 Preventive Care and Screening for High Blood Pressure

PT DocTools EMR software makes it easy to ensure your documentation and reporting is accurate and timely with a built in PQRS table.  Select your Measure, appropriate G-code for claim....take the guesswork out of compliance.

Ensure reimbursement from insurance and medicare.

Practice management software which includes chiropractic documentation, patient scheduling, exercise plans....and PQRS.  Track PQRS g-codes you have reported, track Medicare response to code you are using.

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